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From six New York's Broadway Stages to over 20 national commercials, Guest Starring roles, co-starring roles, recurring roles, and to the Talk Show Circuit, I have been a working "Triple Threat" for over 20 years.  I attended LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, New York, and went on to graduate at the top of my class from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.  Even though I am still currently a working actor, singer, dancer and choreographer, and artistic director, I enjoy coaching and helping aspiring artists reach their professional career goals and sharing what I have learned on mastering the audition room and booking the gig.  Whether is it via Skype, or in person, I create an artistically safe environment for you to thrive in.  


I am currently working, and I know what the industry calls for.  The technique that I will teach you, is the same technique that has allowed me to book show after show and gig after gig for the last 2 decades. "Booking the Room" is one of the most important elements to master! You will leave the audition coaching session ready to conquer the audition room and book the job. 

About Me


~Do you have a Broadway audition, Commercial Audition, Singing Audition, Dance audition, or a Television and Film Audition....Then you have come to the right Audition Coach!

~Are you NOT booking the job, and wondering why?


~Are you NOT getting callbacks and wondering why?


~What do you do after you "BOMB" at an audition?

~Can you recover and be invited back after bombing at an audition?

~What do you do to make sure that you "Book The Room", even if  you don't book the job?

~What does it mean to "Book the Room"?

~How do you master any audition?

~Does it matter what you do right before your audition and right after?

~Beyond material preparation, how else can you prepare for your audition?

~How are commercial auditions different from other auditions?

~Does what you wear really matter and make a difference?

~Does your picture and resume really matter and make a difference?

*If you have tried to figure out the answers to any of these questions, then you have come to the right Audition Coach.  I have the answers and solutions to the questions above and many MORE from personal experience in the industry, and personal success by mastering them ALL!

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So you can BOOK THAT JOB!

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VIRTUAL COACHING OR IN PERSON w/ Master Audition Coach, Kyra Da Costa


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What We Do

Janet Dacal~Broadway Star

"Kyra is a wonderful audition coach. She's helped me prepare for numerous auditions. Kyra is always insightful, patient, encouraging and so easy to work with." 

Broadway Star (Original Cast of "In The Heights"~

Janet Dacal

Award Winning Singer~Andra Day

"Kyra has been my director and choreographer for the last several years. She helped me get past my comfort zone, and stretched me to a higher level in my performances. Kyra has also coached me for a film audition, and all I can say is that she blows my mind every time. I felt confident after our session and definitely booked the room. The director wants to see me again. She is truly a versatile and amazing coach, whether it is for stage or for film and television, look no further."

Golden Globe Winner, Grammy & Oscar Nominated~ Andra Day

Tommy Hobson~TV Star

"Kyra and I always have so much fun, yet it is always extremely productive and efficient. Even if it is to run lines for a few scenes, she has got me covered. Kyra is so well versed in so many areas of this industry. It is very clear as to how she is have success and longevity in an industry where that can be hard to achieve. Thanks so much Kyra!"

Tommy Hobson~The Fresh Beat Band

Rhett George~

Broadway Star

"Kyra made my coaching session so fun! She is knowledgeable in so many areas of the entertainment business.  She has a great setup! I had a last-minute self-tape audition and Kyra helped me break down the character and scene quickly and effectively. She filmed it for me, I submitted it to my agent, and I ended up booking the job that she coached me on. Thanks to Kyra"

Broadway Star "Memphis", "Aida", "Sweet Charity", "Little Mermaid"~

Rhett George

Cameron Barnett

~Working Actor

Kyra has an amazing way of helping you lift material off of the page and really bring it to life.  Being a dynamic performer from stage to screen herself, she brings a unique knowledge of finding the truth no matter what story you are telling.  She is the ultimate joy to work with! 

Cameron Barnett~ "Pose"


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