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From six New York's Broadway Stages to over 20 national commercials, Guest Starring roles, co-starring roles, recurring roles, and to the Talk Show Circuit, I have been a working "Triple Threat" for over 20 years.  I attended LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, New York, and went on to graduate at the top of my class from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.  Even though I am still currently a working actor, singer, dancer and choreographer, and artistic director, I enjoy coaching and helping aspiring artists reach their professional career goals and sharing what I have learned on mastering the audition room and booking the gig.  Whether is it via Skype, or in person, I create an artistically safe environment for you to thrive in.  


I am currently working, and I know what the industry calls for.  The technique that I will teach you, is the same technique that has allowed me to book show after show and gig after gig for the last 2 decades. "Booking the Room" is one of the most important elements to master! You will leave the audition coaching session ready to conquer the audition room and book the job. 

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