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You can't work the gig,
if you can't book the gig!

Do you have a Broadway Audition, Voice Over Audition, Commercial Audition, Singing Audition,

Dance Audition, or TV/Film Audition?

Then you have come to the right Audition Coach!

~Are you NOT booking the job, and wondering why?


~Are you NOT getting callbacks and wondering why?


~What do you do after you "BOMB" at an audition?

~What do you do to make sure that you "Book The Room", even if you don't book the job?

~What does it mean to "Book the Room"?

~Does it matter what you do right before your audition and right after?


~How are callbacks different, and how are they the same?

~Beyond material preparation, how else can you prepare for your audition?

~How are commercial auditions different from other auditions?

~Does what you wear really matter and make a difference?

~Does your picture and resume really matter and make a difference?

*If you have tried to figure out the answers to any of these questions, then you have come to the right Audition Coach.  I have the answers and solutions from over 20 years of personal experience in the industry, and personal success by mastering them ALL!

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